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How is My Business Website different?

Why is My Business Website a better website builder for your business?

My Business Website is different to every other website builder currently on the market. Our unique approach allows your website to grow and evolve with your business.

My Business Website consists of a database website platform to create advanced interactive website solutions.

A database website provides a powerful website solution as

My Business Website add-ons allows customers to choose which database features they would like, and also allows customers to benefit from new database improvements as they are released.


We also provide superior support and management capabilities. Customers will have access to support forums, announcements, and a problem database.

My Business Website also provides integration with Google WebMaster Tools and Google Analytics to allow you to easily monitor the performance and effectiveness of your website.

In addition, our content management system provides search engine keyword and search engine descriptions per web page, without any additional effort or coding on your behalf!


The My Business Website platform allows customers to create "launch" pages or "landing" pages. This is extremely useful for an effective marketing campaign as it allows you to create easy to remember addresses.


My Business Website gives customers control over the appearance of their website. Most website builders use fixed website templates, limiting the flexibility of a websites appearance. Our website builder gives you additional control over specific appearance features.