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Its easy and affordable to create a website with My Business Website

More Than Just a Website!

With a My Business Website solution, you are getting more than just a website. You are creating a business partnership to help you grow your business.

With no hidden or up front costs, My Business Website is an affordable solution that allows you to focus on your business.


My Business Website provides an advanced solution for your business that is:

  • Affordable - no hidden costs, no upfront fees, control your costs by only using the add-ons you require!
  • Simple and Easy - no technical skills or knowledge is required, just follow the prompts and refer to our online help
  • Quick - register and complete your website in only minutes
  • Flexible - simply add and remove add-ons and functionality as your business requirements changes! Its as easy as that!
  • Support - benefit from access to our support forums, for great hints and tips for getting the most out of your website!
  • Search Engine Friendly - our website platform is specifically design to be search engine friendly
  • Marketing Friendly - create "Launch pages" tailored to a marketing campaign with an easy URL
  • Loyalty Program - enjoy the ability to reward you loyal customers and also access other potential customers
  • Scalable - should your business out grow our platform, will we be able to transfer your website and develop a custom website solutino for your business!
  • Maintained - the website platform will be regularly upgraded to fix any identified problems or issues
  • On-going development - benefit from continued add-on development and improvements so you can improve your website
  • Business Networking - through partnership programs and the greater My Business Website community,
  • Collaborate - you will be able to collaborate with other businesses and potential suppliers and business partners
  • Advertising - benefit from advertising opportunities either on your own website or by advertising your website elsewhere