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Why create a website with My Business Website

Why Choose My Business Websites?

  1. Create your website instantly
  2. No coding or technical knowledge required
  3. No upfront costs - only pay for what you use
  4. Our solutions utilise a database to provide you with a functional and interactive website
  5. Flexibility over the appearance of your website. Choose your layout, colours and fonts.
  6. Upload your own logo and images to customise the website as you like
  7. Pick and Choose your website add-ons to control your website functionality.
  8. Search Engine friendly website, with the ability to monitor and analyse your website using Google Analytics, and Google Web Tools.
  9. Ability to use our flash templates, or your own flash media files on your web pages.
  10. Customer Service - use our forums, and support centre to get hints and tips to maximise the benefit from your website.
  11. On-going enhancements and improvements. Once you have a website, you won't be on your own. You will benefit from continued support and development.