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Monitor your Website Visitors

Create a website. Take our free trial! An important part of managing your website, is monitoring and tracking the visits to your website.
Analysing the behaviour of visitors to your website can be very insightful.

It can help you structure your content and the navigation of your website to help visitors find what they are after.
It is also very useful to understand where your visitors are coming from. How are they finding your web site? Is it from another website, a search engine, or are they typing in the address into their browser?
By analysing the behaviour of your visitors, you can measure the effectiveness of your content and your website.
You may have pre-conceived perceptions about which content pages are the most important on your website. After reviewing the visitor behaviour on your website, you may find that your customers are not even accessing that web page!

My Business Website provides seemless integration with Google Analytics, a free and essential tool for any website, which makes it even easier for you to track and monitor your website.
Google Analytics provides comprehensive reporting, charting and analysis of this information which makes it a very useful tool for managing your website.