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Search Engine Optimisation

Website Search Engine Optimisation An important part of an effective website is how easily it can be found on search engines.

Once you have launched your website, it might take several weeks before search engines, such as Google, will index your web site. When your website has been indexed, you can started analysing and reviewing your content to tailor your content to specific keywords.

My Business Website is designed to provide search engine friendly website structure and content for your website. This means that your website can be more easily indexed and crawled by search engines.

My Business Website also provides seemless integration with Google WebMaster Tools. Google WebMaster Tools is a free tool for reviewing how Google views your website.

After reviewing your website on Google WebMaster Tools, you can then alter your content to focus on more suitable keywords to improve your ranking on Search Engines.

My Business Website makes it very easy to review, analyse and change your website content to improve your search engine rankings.