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Managing your Website Content is Easy with My Business Website

Create a website. Take our free trial! Content is a critical part to the success of a website. So Content Management is a vital component of managing your web site.
As a result, it is important that you can easily access, review and alter your web site content whenever necessary.
Your content can be categorised into groups, which makes it easier to find and navigate through created web site pages.
This grouping also provides easy navigation for your customers. When viewing a page within a group, links will automatically be provided for the customer to view other content within that group. Thus, minimising the amount of work that you need to do and making it easier for you to structure content on your website.
When managing your content, you have a choice of using an inline editor within the website, or to simply upload the web pages from your computer.
Images help improve the appearance of a web site and you have the capability to upload images to your website, and then embed them into pages of your web site.
Using the Advanced Content Add-on, you can use one of our existing dynamic templates, or you can upload your own Flash templates to use within the website.
Dynamic templates can provide your website with a more interactive and professional feel which can create an appealing experience for your customers.
To make things even easier, each of the My Business Website add-ons provides its own Content Management features. For example, the Products add-on provides pages to easily view, search and update the product information on your website.
With My Business Website it has never been easier to create and manage a website,