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Websites for Small Business or Home Business

My Business Website is ideal for new business, home business and small business. It is designed for small businesses that want to become an online business but want to control their costs or simply cannot afford a custom developed ecommerce website.

We have designed My Business Website with small business in mind. As a small business, a new business, or a home business, we appreciate that you may not have the budget to pay for a web designer to develop your website.

We also understand that as your business evolves and starts to grow, you may need to enhance or upgrade your website. But that still doesn't mean that you have the budget to pay to develop your own website.

By using the My Business Website add-ons we aim to allow your business website to grow and evolve as you require it to. You simply pay for the add-ons you wish to use, and can change your add-ons at any time.


We also know as a small business that you can't be a master of everything. We know that creating a website is very technical and confusing, and we also appreciate that you don't care - you just want to create a website!

With My Business Website you do not require any technical and any programming knowledge. Our website builder and the My Business Website platform take care of that for you.


My Business Website also goes past creating a website, and we will support you running your website. After all, creating a website is just the first step and by no means will deliver you instant results.

We have designed My Business Website to be search engine friendly, to help your website be found. We have also provided integration with Google Analytics, and Google Web Master tools for you, so it is easier for you to manage and view your websites progress.

With My Business Website you can also create Launch pages or Landing pages for a marketing campaign.

We hope that our tools and our website building platform allow you to achieve your goal of becoming an online business without busting the bank!

My Business Website is easy to use, and allows you to create an advanced and professional website for your business. My Business Website is ideal for businesses that are just getting started, businesses that don't have a website, and businesses that need a BETTER website.

As your business requirements change you can add and remove add-ons from your website, allowing you to control your costs, manage your budget and your website.