Create a website

Maintain Your Website!

Once you have finalised the appearance of your website, you can get to work on your website. You need to tell visitors to your website about your company and your products and/or services. So to start, you will need to update the content of the web pages on your website.

To edit and update your content, you can use an Inline Editor, or you can create your content on your PC and then insert it into the page. To update your content, you can upload your own images. Once the images are loaded onto your website, then you can use them in your web pages.

To assist with creating your content, you can also use some of our content templates. These templates are designed to help you get the layout and look you are after. Also, if you have the "Dynamic Content" add-on, you can use Flash and Ajax scripts on your web pages to create a professional web page.


If you have the "Additional Content" add-on, then you can create additional web pages as you need to.


After you have updated your content, you can also populate your website using any of the add-ons you have purchased, or are trialling. For instance, with the "Product Catalogues" add-on you can start entering your product information into the website.