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My Business Website Pricing Policy

Create a website. Take our free trial! My Business Website provides a cost-effective and flexible website solution for small business.

In order to provide such a service to our customers, we wish to highlight some points our pricing policy, as they are included in the Terms and Conditions.

Upon cancelling of a My Business Website service, the refund policy is dependent on your payment terms. If you are on a month-by-month payment, a maximum of 2 months hosting fee is required to cover administration costs of processing the cancellation of your account, your website and the website hosting. Cancellation will can take immediate effect, resulting in the removal of your website and all related information.

If the cancellation takes place with-in the middle of the month, the remainder of that month is not-refundable as the month has already been commenced.

Changing your Account
In the event of changing the hosting add-on used on your website, you will be required to pay the full months difference for an increase in total hosting price, even if the month has already commenced.
In the event of changing the hosting add-on used on your website for a cheaper monthly total, no refund will be provided for the month if it has already commenced.

Commencement of a month refers to the start date of your billing period.

Website Ownership
In the event that you wish to cancel your website hosting with My Business Website and transfer your website to another hosting provider, it is important to realise the following:
1. The Intellectual Property and Ownership of your website code, processing and logic belongs to the owner of the My Business Website server, not to the owner of the website hosted upon My Business Website.
2. Only the data, content and images uploaded, entered and submitted through the hosted website belong to the owner of the hosted website. Upon cancelling or transfering the website to another hosting provider, this data and information can be provided at an extra cost in their raw format.