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How to change your Website Add-ons

Build a website using these great Add-ons With My Business Website, it is possible at any time to change the Add-ons that you install on your website.

To change your Add-ons, simply logon to your account and then select to view your Settings.

From your Settings, click on the link to Add-ons.

The Add-ons page will display all of the available add-ons and each of the add-ons that you have currently installed.

To change your selection of installed Add-ons, simply select or de-select the appropriate Add-ons from the list.

During this process you can also change any available settings for each of the Add-ons that you have installed.

Changing the installed Add-ons for your website will alter the monthly price for your account. If the monthly price is increased due to a change in your installed Add-ons, you will need to pay the outstanding difference for the month.

A decrease in the monthly price for your website will take effect at your next billable period.