Create a website

Its easy to build your own website

How does it work?

The My Business Website platform is a simple and easy way to create a website for your business in only minutes!! But most importantly it is a platform that can grow with your business as you expand.


First, register your details to use the My Business Website service. A free trial period is included with your registration so you can try the site before you buy. During registration, select which add-ons or features you would like on your website. These add-ons are free during your trial period. At any time you can add and remove add-ons from your website to control your costs and your website functionality.


With no hidden or upfront costs, and by only paying for the add-ons you use, you can manage your budget and create an affordable and effective website for your business!


Once you have registered, you can create and customise your website. Brand your website with your company logo, slogan and your own colours. After customising the layout and appearance you can start using your website! Update the content of your website using our online content management, and even use flash templates to give it that professional touch!


Once your website is finished, simply purchase a domain name, and get ready to do business!