Create a website

How to create a web page?

This brief guide is intended to provide an introduction on how to create a web page.

For the purposes of this guide, we will assume that your web page has a web server and an address at which it can be found.

A web page is actually a file on a computer that is written in a particular language. This language is called HTML, and is the underlying language for all web pages viewed through an internet browser.

To create a web page, simply create a new file called "mypage.html" and start editing it with something like Notepad.

HTML consists of many constructs and commands, far too many to detail in this simple guide.

Copy the following text into your new file and save the changes.

My first webpage

Once you have saved the changes, you then need to copy or move the file to your web servers web root directory.

Then try accessing your file through an internet browser.

If your web servers name is "", then you would enter the following address in your browser:

Any hopefully you can see your web page!!


Once you have achieved this, you are on your way to creating your own web site.

The next step is to learn more about the HTML language!


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