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Online Shopping

Online shopping is the process of browsing and ordering products over the internet. Online shopping is the fastest growing market for business over the last ten years, and is expected to grow exponentially over the next ten years.

What does this mean?

This means, if your business is not open for business on the internet, allow your customers to view all of your product range and information, and place an order, then your competitors will be.

The internet is such a powerful factor in today's market that a lot of business is won and lost just because of a website, or lack of it. When a customer is trying to shop online, they are actively seeking to obtain your products. If your business does not provide the level of information or service required through your website, then your customers will go to another website who does - so that they can complete their order.

If your business does not currently have an online store, then you should at least have an internet strategy and plan that will get your business online!

Take advantage of the My Business Website add-ons to allow your business to evolve into an online store!